Key Worker Spotlight - Subhojit (Suraj)
29 September 2020

Key Worker Spotlight - Subhojit (Suraj)

A series celebrating key workers with learning disabilities. EQUALS employment clients share their experiences of working during lockdown.


Name: Subhojit (Suraj)
Job Title: Warehouse Assistant

Where I work: Fortuna Healthcare.

What is your job?
My job is an assistant at a warehouse.

Where did you work during lockdown?
During the lockdown, I worked at a company called Fortuna Healthcare.

How did your job change during lockdown?
My job changed dramatically during the lockdown which means that I couldn’t get the bus to work so my dad had to drop me off by car.

What was it like to work through the lockdown?
At the start of the lockdown, it was really difficult, but as it progressed, it became so much easier for me and I enjoyed myself!

What were the worst moments?
The worst moment was that when I got to see my friend Alex at the start of every day, I couldn’t shake his hand.

What were the best moments?
The best moments were that when I did 30 invoices in four hours and I worked on a computer with one of my colleagues.

How do you feel now that lockdown has been eased?
Now that lockdown has been eased, I feel so pleased with myself!

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