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Corporate Social Responsibility

In the increasingly conscience-focused marketplaces of the 21st century where the demand for more ethical business processes and practices is increasing, Fortuna Healthcare has developed its own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to address the fact that the voluntary actions that it takes as a company – over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements – impacts both its own competitive interests as well as those of society as a whole. Our company recognises that it does not exist in isolation nor is it simply a way of making money; our employees depend on our business as do customers, suppliers and the local community all of whom are affected in some way by what it does.

The company’s CSR strategy revolves around understanding its business impact on the wider world and considering how it can use this impact in a positive way; it means taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following straightforward principles.

In more specific terms, Fortuna Healthcare is currently involved in a number of initiatives consistent with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Charity Fundraising

Our company is actively engaged in supporting charitable activities.

Funds were donated by the directors of Fortuna as part of their commitment to support charitable activities and other ad hoc worthy causes.

Our company allows for staff attendance at various fundraising events at which funds were raised by the business and staff alike.

The charities that have been supported this year have included the following organisations:

  • Age UK.
  • The British Heart Foundation.
  • Jeans for Genes.
  • NishKam SWAT
  • One Kind Act

Payroll Giving

The Company continues to allow staff to make donations to the charity of their choice through the Payroll Giving Scheme (GAYE).

Work Placements

Our company continues to provide work placement opportunities to both school and university students alike as well as to individuals with learning difficulties.

Disability Confident

Fortuna Healthcare prides itself on taking a positive approach to employing disadvantaged members of our community and has made a firm commitment to this principle through it's "Disability Confident" accreditation status.

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