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Our objective is to be a progressive, reputable and responsible healthcare company, providing quality products and services responsive to the particular needs of both the local and wider community that we serve.

Our staff are encouraged and trained to work as an effective and innovative unit and to be recognised as giving a caring and professional service from clean, pleasant and well run premises.


The company was established in February 1995 by Adrian, Julian & Seb Bavetta as an independent family run wholesaler and distributor of non-pharmaceutical OTC healthcare products to the independent pharmacy sector in the United Kingdom.

Since its modest beginnings as a small, newly formed set-up, the company has grown rapidly and has today become firmly established in the pharmacy marketplace as a progressive and professionally run organisation. From its early days selling a small range of basic orthopaedic supports, the company now markets a high quality and diverse range of healthcare products – almost all under the company’s own patented Fortuna trademark. In total the company currently sells 2,500 product lines including orthopaedic supports, wound dressings, eyewear articles, mobility aids etc. to over 5,000 independent pharmacies across the whole of the United Kingdom.

The company has adopted a strategy of combining the roles of both producer (though not manufacturer) and wholesaler; this business model removes one layer of administration and provides a clear advantage over more traditional competitors. The ability to locate, design and purchase products from anywhere in the world has only become possible for smaller companies with the recent developments in information technology. As an organisation, the company is committed to applying this global and technological approach to a market segment which has until now been relatively untouched by these new developments.

The company operates today from Northgate Business Centre, a smart trading estate in Enfield, North London and conveniently located close to London’s M25 Orbital Motorway and North Circular Road. The site consists of an overall trading capacity of 34,500 sq ft (Warehouse 22,000 sq ft / Offices 12,500 sq ft).

The company currently employs 70 members of staff in a variety of roles throughout the United Kingdom.

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